In 1981 Maya Lin at age 21 designed the Vietnam War Memorial...
In 1981 Maya Lin at age 21 designed the Vietnam War Memorial, her concept was to create an opening or wound that showed the gravity of a countryʼs loss. This was considered a very controversial design as was her Asian Heritage, the visual and emotional power of her work severed as a Genesis for StoneNudes.

To show our emotional vulnerability and physical strength as we negotiate vertically in the physical world.

This is Liz, my Genesis Muse for StoneNudes, weʼve made photographs for 20yrs now, our paths have been walked together and separately. The art weʼve made is among my best, the force that sheʼs become in life is amazing. I made this photograph with a fisheye lens on my 6x7, I dialed in the Y2 (yellow) filter which made it difficult to see and direct her into the pose that I wanted. Reaching out I caressed her shoulder, felt the warmth of her body, as she relaxed into the meadow, it opened up and embraced her. . .sometimes I can hear the mermaids, sing. . .df
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